Using red-carpet/rug with your torque server...


Get the red-carpet/rcd/rug rpms from Ximian for your distribution:


Command line: Type 'rpm -ivh *.rpm' as root on the console. Bam! You should be all set.

Graphical: Right-click on the rpm files, and select "Open With" -> "Install Packages" in Nautilus (Gnome file manager).

After you've installed the rpms, type '/etc/init.d/rcd start' as root on the console.


Command line: Type 'rug sd 1' followed by 'rug sa http://yourserver.domain.tld/red-carpet' as root on the console.

Graphical: Launch "Applications" -> "System Tools" -> "Red Carpet". In Red Carpet, "Edit" -> "Services", select the Ximian channel and click Remove. Click "Add Service", and enter "http://yourserver.domain.tld/red-carpet".

Channel Selection:

Command line: Type 'rug ch' as root on the command-line to list the channels, and 'rug subscribe channel-name' to subscribe to a channel.

Graphical: Click the "Channels" button and select the channels you want to subscribe to.

Package Management:

Command line: Type 'rug lu' to list all the updates currently available in the channels you've subscribed to?. If you just want to automatically apply all the currently available updates, then type 'rug up'. If you only want to install certain updates then you can use 'rug in package-name'. If you want to install new software, you can look at all the packages available in a channel by typing 'rug pa channel-name'. You can also search for packages by typing 'rug se package-name'. Once you found the name of the package you wish to install, type 'rug in package-name' to install it.

Graphical: Red-carpet is pretty self-explanitory, but here's a run down of basic functionality. To see a list of the package updates currently available in the channels you're subscribed to, click on the 'Updates' tab. If you'd like to view the packages you currently have installed on your system, then click 'Installed Software'. If you'd like to view a list of the packages available in the different channel you're subscribed to, then check out the 'Available Software' tab.

Written by Greg Kuchyt & Matt Keller
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